Post-conference tours are overbooked and registration for post-conference tours are now closed. Please contact organizing committee in case you are interested in post-conference tour. We will inform you in case somebody will cancel his/her registration and we will have available place.



The participants have the opportunity to visit the salt lakes situated in the wonderful and sacred Barguzin valley. All-inclusive costs: 240$

Day 1 Transfer from Ulan-Ude to Ust-Barguzin. The distance is 266 km. Visit of Holodyanky areas, sightseeing point on the Barguzin Bay of the Lake Baikal, rest on the beach, hotel (

Day 2 Travel tour to the Barguzin Valley: Ust-Barguzin – Barguzin – Suvo – Ust-Barguzin (100 km). Salt Alga Lakes (pH 9.6, salinity 40-50 g/L). The study and survey of the lake. Arrival in Suvo. Excursions: Ininsky garden of stones, Suvinsky castle rock, stone-bull “ Bukhe-Shulun” – a sacred stone of the Barguzin Valley. Return to Ust-Barguzin.

Day 3 Excursion to Chivyrkuisky Bay of the Lake Baikal. Travel tour to the Trans-Baikal National Park, visit of the salt lake Bormashevoye. Stop at the observation tower in the Barguzin Bay (the largest bay of the Lake Baikal). Boat trip to the nice Baikal bays: Krokhalinaya and Zmeevaya. Return to Monakhovo and transfer to Ust-Barguzin. Farewell dinner at the Lake Baikal.

Day 4 Transfer from Ust-Barguzin to Ulan-Ude (266 km).



The main route will pass through the inland part of Eurasia, from Ulan-Ude to Chita and to the south of the Trans-Baikal Region (the State Nature Biosphere Reserve "Daursky"). All-inclusive costs: 540$

Estimated all-inclusive costs: 540$

Day 1 Transfer from Ulan-Ude to Chita. The distance is 658 km. On the way, the participants will visit the Lake Doroninskoye, one of the three known meromictic lakes in Siberia. Overnight stop in Chita (hotel).

Day 2 Transfer from Chita to village Aginskoye. The distance is 150 km. Visit of the National Park "Alkhanai" (70 km). The participants will have an opportunity to visit the soda lake Nozhiy, one of the largest and most interesting soda lakes in this steppe region, and the historical attraction, Aginsky Buddhist temple. Overnight stop in national yurts of the "Alkhanai" park.

Day 3 Transfer from National Park “Alkhanai” to the State Nature Biosphere Reserve “Daursky". Accommodation and overnight stop in a tour center on the Torey lakes. Small tour around the reserve.

Day 4 Excursion to the largest lakes of Trans-Baikalia: Torey lakes ( Zun-Torey and Barun-Torey) and other nearby lakes of Torey.

Day 5 Transfer from "Daursky" Reserve to Chita (300 km). The participants will depart by train to Ulan-Ude or fly from Chita airport to Ulan-Ude (or to Moscow).